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Monitor Execution of Merger/Demerger Scheme

Any Merger/Demerger Scheme involves many steps such as Scheme Drafting, Applications & Petitions at High Courts, ROC compliance, various, government approvals Etc. further it involves number of professionals i.e. counsel lawyers, chartered accountants ,company secretary, Valuer, etc and above all various state and central government authorities. Most of the time the company is not clear about steps involved in chronological order and also find it difficult to manage and control time during its execution as there is no project manager. Normally Merger/Demerger Scheme may role over beyond the period of 6-7 months and include about 50 various steps to be followed and delay in execution may have costly monetary and business implications.

This interactive module monitors progress step by step by giving details about delay as compared to the ideal schedule and as a result you stay in control and also fix responsibility for delay if any.

This may be the only on-line module available for such monitoring.

To subscribe this module,

  • Pay subscription fee of Rs. 5000/- for one time use.
  • If you are subscriber of complete web-site, use it as complementary facility.
  • Companies will be awarded complementary login-id for this facility once they appoint HU Consultancy Private Ltd. as their consultants for Merger/Demerger Scheme.